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Tamarind-The Fruit Having Many Health Benefits

Posted by Admin on July, 06, 2021

Tamarind refers to the tropical fruit which is used around the world as a flavour for many dishes. It has some exceptional medical properties too.
This topic will discuss tamarind, how to eat it, and some significant health benefits.

About Tamarind:
-It is a hardwood tree with the scientific name ‘Tamarindus Indica’.
-It mainly grows in Africa, but you will also get Tamarind in Asian countries and tropical regions.
-The tree consists of fibrous pulp with bean-like seeds. The pulp is sour and green. After it ripens, it turns into a juicy sweet-sour flavour.
-It is sometimes known as the alternative to dates in India.

Usage of Tamarind:
Dried Tamarindhas many usages. It is mainly used for health purposes, cooking, and other household remedies.

Cooking Purposes:
Tamarind has huge fame for cooking. Dried Tamarind Suppliers are found in the Caribbean, Middle East, Mexico, South Asia, etc. The leaves and seeds are also used as medical traits.

It has widespread usage for preparing marinades, sauces, desserts, drinks, etc. It has been the key ingredient to produce Worcestershire Sausage.

Medicinal Uses:
-It is the true alternative to traditional medicine.
-It commonly treats constipation, diarrhoea, peptic ulcers, fever, etc. via its beverage form. The leaves and bark are also having usage as first-aid remedies. Modern-day researchers found it -ideal for potential medical purposes.
-The tamarind has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties within polyphenols. These are helpful against cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases.
-Seed extraction has benefits for lowering the blood sugar level. The pulp has been a balanced diet to lose extra fat and helpful in liver diseases.

Home Uses:
The pulp is an exceptional metal polisher. The tartaric acid removes tarnish from bronze and copper.
Homely kitchen dishes ask for tamarind chutneys and many more.

Highly Nutritious:
-Tamarind consists of many nutritious properties. It contains 19% iron, 22% potassium, 28% magnesium, 9% calcium, 14% phosphorous, vitamin B group. You may also find little vitamin K, vitamin C, folate, B6, copper, B5, selenium, etc.
-It also has 3 grams protein, 6 grams fibre, and 1 grams fat. The total calorific value is 287 with significant sugar content.
-A cup of tamarind has curbs of 69 grams in sugar form. It equivalents 17.5 sugar in a teaspoon.
-Despite having significant sugar content, tamarind has been used to treat diabetes.
-The people who want to reduce the calorie level, should not consume tamarind as it has a higher calorific value.
-Polyphenols have many kinds of health benefits due to their antioxidant properties.

Tamarind Forms:
Tamarind is found in the retail market in sweetened syrup and candy forms. You may find it in some other forms.

• Raw pods: These are known as raw forms. It can be opened for removing the pulp.
• Pressed block: Pulp compression takes after the removal of seeds and shells. It is ahead of the initial raw form of tamarind.
• Concentrate: It is made after boiling the pulp of tamarind. Preservatives are added for their safety.
Hence, you find the significant benefits and growth of Dried Tamarind Suppliers in India. For some other interesting facts about tamarind, follow-up with articles.

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